At the Grand Slam University, we offer the program that’s right for you as the athlete. Being an athlete in Florida you have a very hectic schedule and why pay for something that you won’t be using as much as you would like. Pay for the amount of training you’re able to do. Below we have 3 different programs as well as our pricing. To get started with a free trial session give us a call at 813-403-9911


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Focuses on coordination & mobility, speed dynamics, agility & plyometrics, and sport-specific movements. This program is for athletes between 6 and 11 years of age.

Focuses on endurance development, sport-specific weightlifting, speed & agility, plyometrics, and injury prevention. This program is for athletes between 12 and 17 years of age.

Focuses on sport-specific weightlifting, injury prevention, advanced speed & agility, physical therapy, and nutrition & supplementation. This program is by invitation only.

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